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Consumer/Family Info: - get your free annual credit report from any of 3 agencies - financial data, e.g. current interest and mortgage rates, etc. - financially intelligent parent - tips on raising financially-savvy kids - budgeting help, getting control of your finances

Investing: - pragmatic advice on investing - stock quotes and other financial information - general education on investing - education and information on investing in debt securities - the Consumer Reports of mutual funds: ratings, expenses, etc. - mutual fund education alliance - on-line version of the Wall Street Journal - information on socially responsible and community investing - "put your money where your heart is" - social/community investing

Mutual fund companies: - no-load, low fee company, great index funds - no-load, low fee company - no-load company, good target retirement funds

College Savings: - objective advice on college savings, especially 529 plans - Wisconsin's 529 (college savings) plan - free application for federal student aid

Insurance/Legal: - insurance quotes - insurance quotes, company comparisons - insurance information institute - legal forms

Charity: - financial efficiency ratings of over 5000 nonprofits - Fidelity's donor advised funds, for flexible philanthropy - Better Business Bureau's wise giving alliance, investigate charities before you give - "put your money where your heart is" - social/community investing

Government: - Social Security Administration - Internal Revenue Service - buy US treasury securities directly - Wisconsin Department of Revenue

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